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Pimientos de Padron are small green peppers usually served as a racion ( a large portion of tapas) in bars in Madrid. Also pimientos de padron are unusual in the fact that every once in a while one is really spicy, usually they are quite sweet, kind of like a safe, foodie version of Russian Roulette. They really are so good and a must try if you ever come to Spain… I don’t know if they’re readily available elsewhere but trust me, these are some good eating!


  • pimientos de padron
  • olive oil
  • rock salt
  • knob of butter


This really is so simple. First give the pimientos a good wash and dry them off. Heat some a couple of tablespoon of olive oil in a pan until it’s really hot, then add the pimientos de padron. Add a good amount (about a teaspoon) of rock salt.

Keep the pan moving so they don’t burn but the skin should blister. They should take about 3 or 4 minutes. At the last second add a know of butter and serve.


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